Prescott Valley Mayor Announces New Disneyland Like Monorail for the Town

Only 85 Million! You'd Be A Fool not to Take this To Work!

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So exciting to announce that the Town of Prescott Valley will soon have an all electric Monorail system much like the one you see at Disneyland!!!!!!

This monorail as you can see will travel all over Prescott Valley making frequent stops at most restaurants and drinking establishments. Imagine being able to travel around town ultra quickly and confidently with no worries?  This project is possible due to the town partnering with a Tequila and Fireball Whiskey distillery from Oaxaca, Mexico who have agreed to fund the entire project in exchange for exclusive sponsorship and naming rights. Thanks to this financial partnership and the forward thinking of staff this Monorail will be an amazing enhancement to our community.

The map you see will be the first phase and hopefully by this time next year the route will go from the top of Glassford Hill all the way to to the top of Mingus Mountain. The second phase is expected to cost around 85 million dollars and will need to find a funding source but I’m confident by then we will be able to figure something out and hopefully another sponsor will be identified.

I should also mention that this Fireball Whiskey company sponsor should not be confused with our very own “Whiskie” Mascot of the Northern Arizona Wranglers who start their inaugural season next month.

The first 1000 people to email me at will win a lifetime Golden Ticket to ride for free. I want to thank all of those that made this project happen on this special day.

Also email with any further questions you may have on this project. I will not be able to answer any direct questions on this feed due to a signed NDA so all FAQ’s can be found also by requesting info at the same email.

Have a great day!!!

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16 responses to “Prescott Valley Mayor Announces New Disneyland Like Monorail for the Town”

  1. Sabine says:

    So can I take shots of tequila and whiskey while riding? I mean, I’m not driving it right? Why not!? I’m sure the distilleries will toss in some extra for the fine folks of PV.

  2. Nancy Hentschel says:

    I was terrified that Preacott was getting screwed again….

    • David Wilson says:

      Check prices for monorail projects, 85 million per mile is cheep more like 150 million per mile

    • Cheryl L Garlinger says:

      Hahaha. Chuckle.. glad it’s an April fool’s joke. But I would enjoy a quiet electric bus to take people around our many little towns of yavapai and coconino counties.

  3. Robert quevedo says:

    Is nice

  4. Sandra says:

    Great April fool’s joke!

  5. April Peck says:

    Is this true or an April Fools joke.

  6. Marie Therese Scott says:

    Man! You had me going there for a minute!

  7. John Lamerson says:

    Best April fools joke since the BBC Spaghetti trees being harvested. Circa 1967.

  8. Lois T says:

    Is it true, or a joke?

  9. Mickey Williams says:

    You had me fooled. Still gullible after all these years.

  10. Anna says:

    Oh Thank God this was just a joke!!! I was so upset for like 30 minutes.

  11. Silver says:

    Awesome job….you reeled me in

  12. Marilyn says:


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