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Prescott Valley to Draft Code Change on Chicken and Rabbit Allowance

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The Prescott Valley Town Council conducted a public hearing and discussion about allowing chickens and rabbits on residential lots during Thursday night’s regular meeting, and then directed staff to pursue possible amendments to the Town’s zoning code to allow the animals. Staff will draft changes to the code and return them to the Council for future consideration.

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Prescott Valley code currently does not allow chickens or rabbits on residential lots less than one acre. Earlier in February, the Town conducted a public survey regarding the question.

The survey garnered 1,037 responses, with 73 percent in favor of allowing a limited number of chickens or rabbits on residential lots, and 27 percent opposed. Sixty-six percent of respondents agreed that the Town should prohibit roosters, with 34 percent saying roosters should be permitted. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said the number of chickens or rabbits should be limited to four to six; with 32 percent saying the allowed number should be 10 -12. Most respondents, 79 percent, agreed that the Town should adopt standards for sanitation and setbacks from adjacent neighbors.

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2 responses to “Prescott Valley to Draft Code Change on Chicken and Rabbit Allowance”

  1. John Broughton says:

    Well, most every PUD subdivision in Prescott Valley won’t be impacted as the lots are so small, and getting smaller, there will be no room for any chicken coops let alone setbacks from neighbors.

    • Sue Feltmann says:

      I agree. Chickens are dirty and can carry diseases. Who is going to enforce the cleanliness of the structures and the damage that dogs can do to the birds?
      1. Home must be owner occupied.
      2. Lot size should be large. , as to not impede on the neighbor.
      3. Why are they lumping Rabbits with Chickens?

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