Prescott Valley’s Fain Signature Group to Launch Print Magazine

Prescott Valley Talking Glass Magazine, A New Voice For the Region
"Talking Glass" Audible Stories on Signals AZ made possible by The Fain Signature Group - Celebrating 60 Years of Community Building

Fain Signature Group of Prescott Valley and its media division Talking Glass Media, LLC have announced the release of their newest publication “Prescott Valley Talking Glass Magazine”, scheduled to come off the printing presses in late December 2019 for early January 2020 distribution.

[Update: The 1st Edition is now published and distributed throughout the region – Jan 01, 2020].

“Our media division’s new print magazine is a natural extension of our already successful digital publication, our multi-media website which is maintaining a 238%+ annual viewership growth rate. just reached its 1,000,000th (Millionth) page view on November 22nd, just less than 2 years from its inception. We are proud to offer this new print publication as another positive platform providing good news, events and entertainment that our incredible region provides,” says Brad Fain, CEO Fain Signature Group – Publisher, Talking Glass Media.

“This inaugural edition of Prescott Valley Talking Glass Magazine celebrates 60 years of community building by the Fain Family and the rich history of the family brand, The Rafter Eleven Ranch. It is a small start as we grow the publication,” says Guy Roginson, Executive Editor, Talking Glass Media LLC. “We plan on a quarterly publication. This first edition will be published both as a stand-alone publication with 10,000 units being distributed throughout the region and an additional 10,000 being included in the upcoming Prescott Coffee Book. Of course, a copy of the print publication will also be published on The purpose of this magazine is the same as our digital publication: To provide Prescott Valley, Northern Arizona’s fastest growing and safest town, a new, positive voice. We already have the second edition in production which will focus on “Outdoors” and will promote outdoor activities, vendors and destinations our region has to offer. This Outdoors Edition will cover the upcoming 2020 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit to take place Memorial Day Weekend next year.”

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Talking Glass Media, LLC
Prescott Valley Talking Glass Magazine &
3001 N. Main St. #2-B
Prescott Valley, AZ. 86314
Tel: (928) 257-4177

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