Prescott Valley’s Talking Glass Media Generates 3 Million+ Page Views, and Counting

The Numbers Provide Proof in Positivity
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Talking Glass Media, LLC, home to the multimedia website, Prescott Valley’s newest print/digital publication TG Magazine, and downtown’s only digital outdoor media (billboards), is celebrating another milestone in 2020. On October 08, garnered its 3,000,000th (Millionth) page view for the year. Unique to, it is a 100% positive multimedia website.

“We can now say there’s definitely “proof in positivity” and that it works. People want positive info. They want to feel good and these readers know there’s neither purpose nor success in negativity and bad news. Connecting our residents and the region to what’s going on in our local communities, in a positive manner, is our practice. In fact, we’ve gone beyond just reaching out to our local communities and now have reach throughout the state of Arizona, with Phoenix being one of our strongest markets, in conjunction with Prescott Valley, Prescott, and Chino Valley.  Our team continues to focus on innovation and growth within our organization and offerings to better serve our communities, families, businesses and those that serve us including our First Responders, school districts, civic leadership and volunteer organizations. We could not have reached this milestone without our community partners and supporters. And for that, we are all very grateful,” says Guy Roginson, Talking Glass Media.

The Studios Signals TG Mag

Talking Glass Media was formed by the Fain Signature Group of Prescott Valley in 2018 in order to provide an alternative, positive news source for the Town of Prescott Valley, Prescott and entire region.

“There is so much good happening in our communities and we wanted to balance all the negativity in the current media with more positivity,” said Brad Fain, Fain Signature Group. “This web based platform is not only positive, it provides verifiable data for us and our community partners to better shape our future and make great lives for all. It is a fantastic way to engage our community, listen to their opinions and collaborate with them on tomorrow’s ideas. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 60th year of building community than by celebrating something that is positive and created for all to enjoy.”

SignalsAZ’s 3,000,000th milestone follows a list of goals met by the organization over the past 2-3/4 years. Most recently, launched an all Spanish news column, “Señales”, in addition to its Mobile APP now available on Google Play and iTunes.

The Talking Glass Media Timeline

Jan 2018 Talking Glass Media, LLC (TGM) formed
Mar 2018 launched
Aug 2019 TGM offers full-time video production & in-house studios
Jan 2020 TG Magazine launched – quarterly print publication
Feb 2020 Text-to-Speech launched on
Mar 2020 Mobile APP launched
Aug 2020 SPANISH COLUMN “Señales” launched
Nov 2020 A “Surprise” is on the Horizon
Fain Real Estate Developer Prescott Valley

In 2020, Fain Signature Group is celebrating 60 years of building community in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

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