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REEL Film Nerds Episode #196: “Tributary – The Outpost”

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Honoring all Veterans on Veterans Day. We don’t know them all but we owe them all. Thank you for your service and sacrifices. This week Mike and Matt sit down and chat about a modern war movie The Outpost starring Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, and Orlando Bloom. Topics include COVID haircuts, military spending, and Jungleland giveaway.

Just a warning for those of you who do not know, The Outpost is an incredible true story and it is a heartbreaking one told very respectfully. The first hour and a half definitely drags but the filmmakers are trying to set the scene and circumstances. This is an outpost that should have never existed in one of the worst locations possible and you really feel that. The acting was very good especially from Caleb Landy Jones. The sets, stunts, and special effects were incredible. They really set the scene and grandeur of the outpost’s location and dire circumstances. Mike and Matt, unlike last week’s review both enjoyed this film and award it 3.5 out of 5 Reels. If you have Netflix this is a must see movie.

Next week we change up our streaming service to review Mike’s pick, Vast of Night on Amazon Prime Video. This looks like a really well done Sci-Fi period film. Lastly email us to enter our latest movie giveaway courtesy of Paramount Pictures, the brand new Charlie Hunnam drama Jungleland. Thanks for your support and we will chat at you next week!

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The Outpost The Outpost Movie Poster

Director: Rod Lurie

Writers: Paul Tamasy, Eric Johnson, and Jake Tapper

Stars: Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, and Orlando Bloom

Release Date: July 3, 2020

Storyline from IMDB

During the Afghanistan war, several outposts were placed to control the Taliban movement and their supply chain. Camp Keating, situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, was one them. While being shot at by the Talibans was business as usual, they tried to gain respect from local village elders and have them help stop these skirmishes. One day, when 400 Talibans rallied for a surprise attack, it was up to them to leverage the poor defenses and lack of ammo and manpower they had, to ultimately survive and go back to their loved ones.

Watch The Outpost trailer below.

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