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Residents Invited to Participate in Sedona’s Budget Survey for Fiscal Year 2023

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Every year, the City of Sedona evaluates what projects will be included in future year budgets by weighing needs, funding, and other competing priorities. The survey seeks input from the community on projects city staff has heard should be implemented.

With a total of nine questions, the survey will ask about workforce housing, shared-use paths, environmental sustainability, and property acquisition. Additionally, there are questions that ask residents to rank the projects against each other to help city staff understand the priority levels of citizens.

>>Take the Budget Fiscal Year 2023 Survey Here<<

The City of Sedona would like to invite all residents to take this online survey before February 1, 2022, to provide input on these topics.

City staff will take the input received from this survey and use it during the budget preparation process so that staff, the City Manager, and City Council can make more informed decisions. You can participate in the survey by taking the Budget Fiscal Year 2023 Survey online.

The survey will be open until February 1, 2022. The city expects to post the results to the budget survey by early February at

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