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Sedona Starts Community Compost Pilot Program

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The city of Sedona invites applicants to participate in a community food scraps compost pilot program.

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The pilot program will be available to 50 households in Sedona. Participating households will be able to drop off food scraps at Posse Grounds Park during open park hours. The drop-off location is located by the tennis courts at the current Sedona Recycles drop-off location. It is fenced off to prevent javelina and other animals from accessing the site.

Vegetable scraps, bread, grains, tea bags, and coffee grounds will be accepted, while meat, bones, bioplastics, and yard waste will not be accepted. All food scraps will be removed and composted by Compost Crowd, a local business the city is partnering with.

“We’re excited to offer this pilot program as a way for people to more sustainably dispose of food waste. This will be especially important for folks in apartments or who cannot otherwise compost food on their own property,” said Gabe Desmond, sustainability coordinator with the city of Sedona.

The implementation of a community organics diversion program is one item identified in the city’s Climate Action Plan to help reduce community-wide emissions by 50% by the year 2030. Composting food waste helps reduce emissions by lowering the amount of methane emitted as food decomposes in landfills.

Interested residents can now sign up to participate by filling out an application at

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