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Tempe Implements First Stage of Drought Preparedness Plan

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As the ongoing drought on the Colorado River worsens, Tempe, along with many other Valley cities, recognizes the importance of preparing for the future. For Tempe, this includes implementing Stage 0 of the Drought Preparedness Plan.

Stage 0, also called Watch, includes increasing education and awareness of current and future drought conditions, as well as encouraging additional voluntary conservation by all water users. Strategies include:

  • Frequently providing drought status updates and water conservation recommendations
  • Monitoring forecasts for watersheds that provide Tempe’s water supply
  • Increasing recharge of available supplies for future use
  • Initiating the use of reclaimed water
  • Formulating a Water Shortage Response Team to monitor the situation and provide recommendations for additional strategies or actions

Tempe Implements First Stage of Drought Preparedness Plan signals az

Due to the tremendous success of Tempe’s long-standing water conservation program over the last two decades, the city has achieved a 10% reduction in potable demands, despite the increasing population.

For more information on Tempe’s Drought Preparedness Plan or Water Conservation Program, please visit

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