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The Immaculate Reception – This Day in History, Dec 23, 2022

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It was just 50 years ago today, December 23, 1972, when one of the most controversial plays, the Immaculate Reception in football History occurred. Now, it all depends on how football really impacts your life. Truly, it’s not that much of a controversy, and though my mother is a Steelers fan, and my father a Raiders fan, it’s not like this play has any negative impact on their relationship.

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However, when writing this article, it is interesting to get their viewpoints. My mother claims it’s one of the greatest plays of all time, and before she could finish, my father blurted out that Harris knows he dropped it.

So, for those of us who couldn’t care, or who weren’t born yet, what exactly is the “Immaculate Reception”? You can still look at it today, in color film. It was at the AFC divisional playoff game, in Pittsburg. The Raiders were up seven to six. With just 30 seconds left, Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw throws the ball, there’s a bounce, and fullback Franco Harris grabs it and runs it in for a touchdown. 50 years ago today, one has to ask themselves, and I’m not taking sides, did Harris really catch the ball?

What was happening yesterday, December 22nd?

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