The Landings of Prescott Valley is Bringing Unique Assisted Living Care to the Area

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Waking to the morning sun or calming and getting relaxed as the sun sets is tied to our natural body rhythm called the circadian rhythm. This is the “physiological process that occurs approximately every 24-hours” and is a part of a person’s wake/sleep cycle according to the U.S. General Services Administration. The GSA found links between the amount of light people receive to “their wake/sleep patterns, daytime alertness, and emotional functioning” and this rhythm can be produced naturally or with a lighting design called circadian lighting.

At The Landings of Prescott Valley, circadian lighting is just one of the many unique features offered to residents. This new assisted living facility is the newest and largest facility to be offered in Prescott Valley with capacity for 125 residents or as Gail Hitt, executive director of The Landings of Prescott Valley said, “125 opportunities to help people.”

There are two sides to The Landings of Prescott Valley, an Assisted Living side where the individuals living here may need a bit of help in day-to-day living activities and a Secured Assisted Living side where residents who have some cognitive decline that may need more help. Both sides of the assisted living center put a priority on managing medication and overall patient care. “Medication management is probably the biggest part of Assisted Living and Secured Assisted Living. Most people take their medications incorrectly or forget to take them at all,” shared Gail.

The Secured Assisted Living side of The Landings of Prescott Valley offers the unique feature of circadian lighting. This lighting is in place in the common areas as well as in the individual rooms. In the morning the program runs for three hours and two hours in the evening mimicking the natural lighting of morning and evening lighting. By offering the specialized lighting system, it allows for residents to receive better rest at night and allows the resident to be more alert and active during the day. With the added feature of circadian lighting in individual rooms, the settings can be customized to the resident. In hospice care, the lighting can be set to more moonlight evening light providing a more comfortable experience to the individual who doesn’t need to be up and active during the day. “It’s a really unique concept,” said Gail about the lighting.

There are many amenities offered to residents including a movie room, shared dining space, housekeeping, laundry service (residents are also welcome to use the facilities), a wellness center for patients to meet privately with their doctor, fitness centers, lots of outdoor space, and more.

The staff of The Landings of Prescott Valley are involved and caring with unique qualities to provide a premium living experience for every resident. As examples of the great staff coming on board, Gail shared a little about three individuals. Their maintenance man, Jim, was part of the supervisory crew for the HVAC system in the building, “When I say he knows the building inside and out, he literally knows it,” laughed Gail. She was also excited to share her admissions coordinator is a long-time resident and has a stellar reputation with hospitals and home care saying everyone knows and respects her. In addition, she mentioned a caregiver who was starting this week who is “just magic when it comes to people with a little bit of cognitive decline.” Everyone on staff is involved with the residents of The Landings of Prescott Valley. Gail shared her mantra on how she and her staff operate, “We work for them. The more we’re involved, the more we can head off if somebody’s getting sick, somebody’s unhappy, something’s going on with their family. The more you interact with a resident, the better their care will be.”

The Landings of Prescott Valley, located at 3500 N. Windsong Drive, Prescott Valley, expects to see their first resident move in on April 5th, expecting to be close to capacity by early fall 2021, and the staff could not be more excited.

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