The Other Aspect of Healthy Living

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When you think of healthy living, physical fitness may be the first thing that comes to mind. But the emotional aspect of healthy living is equally important. With the holidays approaching, it can be easy to fall into patterns of indulgence so often associated with the season. Take charge of your health—all aspects of it—with these fun activities that will inspire well-being and spread joy.

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  • Create handmade holiday or thank you cards: few things are as meaningful as something handmade. Gifts made by hand communicate care and effort—and those are things you simply can’t buy. In addition to being a thoughtful gift, time spent crafting will help you get your creative juices flowing, which can contribute to everything from improvements in cognition to increased hand-eye coordination. If it is daunting to create a card for everyone on your list, you can make cards for just a couple of people. You’ll get to enjoy the act of creating something new for the people you love, and they’ll get the pleasure of opening a heartfelt card.
  • Sweet treats can brighten any day, but they are best enjoyed in moderation, which can be hard to achieve during holiday festivities. Forge connections with those around you and help them feel their best by sharing recipe cards and ingredient lists for some of your favorite healthy snacks.
  • Get moving with a friend! Walking, no matter your pace, has numerous health benefits. When you invite a pal along (or give them a call while you walk if you don’t live nearby), you’ll reap the benefits of both socialization and exercise.

Comprehensive health means that body, mind, and spirit are engaged in meaningful and rewarding challenges. Challenging yourself physically isn’t the only way to make a difference in your well-being and that of those around you.

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