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This Day In History, April 13th, 2022 – “MOAB”

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It was just five years ago today, April 13, 2017, when the U.S. Air Force deployed against enemy combatants the largest non-nuclear weapon in our available arsenal. I realize this is not that old of an event, but so many confuse History with something long and forgotten in the past, when in reality, History is everything around us. The weapon is officially called and codified as the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, however, affectionately it is dubbed the Mother Of All Bombs. On this date it was dropped in Afghanistan where ISIS forces where using tunnels to fight against U.S. and Allied Forces. According to most reports, the blast killed more than 90 combatants, though civilian deaths are possible, though details have yet to be released.

this day in history signals az april 13

A MOAB on display outside the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Image courtesy of Wikicommons, Public Domain.

The reason I choose to write about this is the significance of the bomb. In the media, one often here’s about a “Vacuum Bomb”. That is exactly what the MOAB is, by using the oxygen around it, it creates a massive explosion. The correct terminology for such a weapon is a Thermobaric Bomb, and actually uses principles that the Greeks used along time ago. Basically, it’s a massive bomb, with a lot of heat, and pressure thanks to the surrounding oxygen. The really important thing about this, our Military hasn’t used anything like this since Nagasaki on an enemy. Five years ago today, the Mother Of All Bombs was dropped on terrorists, and devastation at an awesome scale occurred.

What was happening yesterday, on April 12th?

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