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This Day in History, August 26th – The Steamboat

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It was just 228 years ago today, August 26, 1791, when American inventor John Fitch received a patent for his steamboat, the first ever successful business in America. However, this did not give him overall rights, and though he did receive the patent, and was a pioneer in the industry, Fitch’s business failed as other entrepreneurs had more financial backing. Sadly, for this great inventor, life was not kind.

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In the end, he took his own life in 1798, at the age of only 55. Arguably the man that invented the American steam engine, that could and should have made it big, has been lost to history, but perhaps his name may live again. Our Country’s history is full of men and women who have done great things to advance this Country, its time their contributions are remembered. Before the great Robert Fulton of American steam, there was John Fitch and his invention.

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