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This Day In History, August 29th, 2021 – “The Tragedy of the U.S.S. F-4”

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It was just 106 years ago today, August 29, 1915, when the U.S. Navy brought back to the surface the wreck of the U.S.S. F-4. The U.S. F-4 was a submarine lost at sea on March 25, off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii. Sadly, all 21 crew members perished. Not all information is known today, but it is believed that seepage of sea water had damaged the controls, and the submarine never re-surfaced.

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The U.S.S. F-4’s crew, most of them not being able to be identified, were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The wreck of the F-4 was used to fill in a trench in the harbor in 1940. On August 31st, she was decommissioned, her crew brave and true to the end. 106 years ago today, disaster struck beneath the waves.

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