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This Day in History, February 21 – Dedication of the Washington Monument

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It was 134 years ago today, on February 21, 1885 that one of America’s greatest monuments was dedicated. The Washington Monument, that giant obelisk that is shown in so many movies and pictures of America, was finally completed after a series of interruptions. At the time, it was the tallest structure in the world at 555 ft. tall, and still today it is the tallest structure in D.C. In 1832 Congress agreed to build the monument according to architect Robert Mill’s designs. On July 4, 1848, the cornerstone was laid. However, construction was stopped during the Civil War, and it was not until the Centennial of 1876 that Congress approved $200,000 dollars for the final funding of the monument. Better late than never, Americans and the world were at awe of the giant structure that represented our nation and its founding father. Still today it stands, and I’m proud to say that I have seen it myself. Definitely more than just a tall edifice, it is a site to see.

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