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This Day In History, July 4th, 2022 – “Expansion”

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It was just 219 years ago today, July 4, 1803, when President Thomas Jefferson announced the Louisiana Purchase. Practically doubling the size of the United States, this purchase would lead the west for America and the expansion of this Nation. The country, only 27 years old at the time, had seen an impressive history, and now had just gained some 828,000 square miles, and all for just $15 million dollars, that equates to just $18 dollars per square foot. Most importantly, we also got the key port of New Orleans, which would allow American farmers and industry to traverse the Mississippi River.

Soon, Americans would move west famous names would be made, like Lewis and Clark. A few years before, our Nation didn’t even exist. In a short amount of time, Rebellion and wars had been fought, and America stood strong, something to remember on this July 4th, for 219 years ago today, our Nation made one heck of a deal.

What was happening yesterday, on July 3rd?

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