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This Day in History, June 28th – Christmas in June?

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It was just 149 years ago today, June 28, 1870, that the United States officially recognized December 25 as Christmas Day, a National Holiday. In a previous article, I had mentioned how Christmas has been celebrated in many different ways throughout history, even banned. But on this day, President Ulysses S. Grant singed an act that made “the first Day of January, the twenty-fifth Day of December, the fourth Day of July, and Thanksgiving Day, Holidays, within the District of Columbia.”

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Many have argued that this was done to quell the friction that was occurring during reconstruction and westward expansion. Today, like in the past, many of us celebrate this National Holiday in many ways, and thankfully, for President U.S. Grant, we can, and it all happened 149 years ago today.


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