This Day In History, June 7th, 2021 – “Lux Radio Theatre”

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(Cecil B. DeMille, host from 1936 until 1945. Image courtesy of Wikicommons, Public Domain.)

It was just 66 years ago today, June 7, 1955, when an American tradition signed off from the airways, after a 21-year run that started in 1935. Lux Radio Theatre, which brought American audiences various radio shows, entertaining audiences not just in the U.S., but around the world. Still today you can listen to recordings of the shows.

Hosted for many years by director Cecil B. DeMille, many movies and radio shows were presented on this station. Most of all of the Hollywood actors and actresses who were on the big screen made appearances on the Lux Radio Theatre. However, though Lux made a good run, time and tv were cutting in, and so, 66 years ago today, to hear a performance of the Lux Theatre, you’re going to need to listen to a recording.

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