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This Day In History, May 2nd, 2022 – “QE2”

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It was just 53 years ago today, May 2, 1969, when the Queen Elizabeth II made its maiden voyage to the United States. Replacing its namesake, the original Queen Elizabeth, which was retired in the same year, the QE2 was the pride of the Seas. Sailing from Southampton in England, she set off across the Atlantic like some many ships before her. In just over four days, she arrived in New York City.

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The Queen Elizabeth II. Image courtesy of Wikicommons, Public Domain.

Over the years, the QE2 as she was often referred to, sailed the oceans in luxury. Like her predecessor, she also served in combat, carrying troops during the Falkland War. Sadly, like most ships, she was retired in 2008. However, you can still enjoy this magnificent ship, as she is currently a floating hotel in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. 53 years ago today, the Queen Elizabeth II set sail to America, where it often docked, and into the History books.

What was happening yesterday, on May 1st?

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