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This Day In History, November 20th, 2019 – “First To Ratify”

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It was just 230 years ago today, November 20, 1789, when the state of New Jersey became the first out of thirteen to ratify the 1st ten amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. What better than to celebrate the rights of freemen, such as freedom of speech and religion, which seem to be constantly under attack. What else than the common right of man to defend himself, how many times has history given us examples of the need for equality with this? Many times we are angered at the lack of or perhaps the delaying of justice towards criminals, but how great it is to be innocent until proven guilty. As an American we have the right to remain silent, or if so chosen, we have the right to speak out our own opinions. Too often in history man has forgotten their rights, and only seek to care about them after they have been endangered or lost. Do not make this mistake again. A wise man once said, the only truth is that all things must pass, let this not be so, the Bill of Rights is for everyone, whom are willing to defend it, not just in bad times, but in the good as well. When threatened, the Bill of Rights has given us the means to defend them. But when in peace, use the Bill of Rights to teach, so that they are not just some words scribbled on paper 230 years ago, but something each one of us use in our everyday lives. 230 years ago, New Jersey ratified and declared that man had these rights, what will you declare today?

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