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This Day In History, November 29th, 2019 – “Whitman Massacre”

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It was just 172 years ago today, November 29, 1847 when a war party from the Cayuse tribe killed missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, along with 11 others in their party. The Whitman’s had travelled to the territory of Washington to spread God’s good news and to help modernize the savage tribes and to aid those traveling from the east. There they established the Waiilatpu Mission. Tensions were always high, especially when Marcus could not save the lives of several Indians from the measles. To make matters worse, the Cayuse also took 54 villagers’ captive, with several of them dying while in captivity. This event sparked the Cayuse War that would last until 1855. 172 years ago today, a massacre would lead to only more death and destruction.

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