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This Day in History, October 12th, 2022 – “Columbus Day (Official)”

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It was just 530 years ago today, October 12, 1492, when ships from the Kingdom of Spain, commissioned by his Majesty King Ferdinand II and his wife Queen Isabella, arrived off the shore of a New World, now known as the Bahamas, Columbus named them “San Salvador”, or “Holy Savior”. However, this article is not on the Admiral of the Seas, Christopher Columbus, but on the holiday that bears his name, Columbus Day. Wait a minute, the calendar for 2022 says Columbus Day was October 10th, why are you writing this now? In the United States, we celebrate the second Monday in October, the exact date is damned.

Perhaps the most celebrated worldwide holiday, other than that of Christmas, Columbus Day is acknowledged in many different societies, some just as a date marked on the Calendar, others as National Holidays. First off, the date is celebrated on October 12th, however, the actual date Columbus and his men set foot on the New World would have been October 21st, for at the time, the use of the Julian Calendar, which dated back to the Romans, was in practice, today, we use the Gregorian Calendar, named for Pope Gregory XIII, since 1582. In the United States, different communities celebrate in different ways, with protests, riots, or massive festivals with a lot of Italian food. In Spain, the date is actually their National Holiday or Día de la Hispanidad, and ever since 2000, Spain commemorates the date with an impressive military parade. Whatever your beliefs, Happy (official) Columbus Day.

What was happening yesterday, on October 11th?


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