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This Day In History, October 20th, 2021 – “1926 Havana–Bermuda Hurricane”

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It was just 95 years ago today, October 20, 1926, when a massive Category 4 hurricane smashed into the Caribbean and demolished the island of Cuba, killing more than 600 hundred people. Hurricanes are nothing new, and will always be with us. However, it is always amazing that the power of mother nature can be so destructive.

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The hurricane didn’t stop there, and came smashing into Florida as well, demolishing several buildings with a terrible wind, swamping several beach side towns by a powerful storm surge, and claiming several lives throughout the destruction. However, after Florida, the storm still had power to reach the Bahamas and commit damage amongst the British islands, including sinking the H.M.S. Valerian, which had been there to help clean up after previous hurricanes.

We desert people have our own things to contend with, thankfully one of them is not a hurricane, for 95 years ago today, hundreds died and many more had their lives ruined through the awful power of mother nature.

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