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This Day In History, October 25th, 2019 – “U.S.S. United States”

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It was just 207 years ago today, October 25, 1812, when the U.S.S. United States, captained by Stephen Decatur, fought and captured in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Azores, the British warship, H.M.S. Macedonian. The Americans had an advantage, the United States’ guns were 24 pounders, whilst the British only had 18 pounders. Knowing this, Decatur decided to keep as far away from the English as possible. Though the Americans were hit by British cannon balls, it was nowhere as severe as the devastation inflicted on the Macedonian. The ships mizzen mast, aft or at the bow (rear), was shot up, fell down, and acted as a sea anchor, preventing the ship from moving. As a result, the United States simply sailed around the wreck, firing broadside after broadside into the British. In the end, the British surrendered, with a total of 104 casualties. Sadly, the Americans had 12 casualties. Though it was a small battle, for the beginning of the War of 1812, it was a massive victory. The Macedonian was brought back as a prize, and later was commissioned as the U.S.S. Macedonian. 207 year ago today, America won a victory against the oppressive British, and took the ship as a prize for the United States.

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