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This Day in History, October 6th, 2022 – “The Jazz Singer”

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It was just 95 years ago today, October 6, 1927, when the first full length film that featured recorded music and recorded speaking sound was released to an amazed audience. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, today marks the twilight of the silent film. Before “talkies”, audiences were left with reading cards and having musicians in the theatre playing the musical scores for them. In actuality, silent films are not that bad, still, talking is superior.

Not to ruin the plot of the movie for any wishing to watch it, but it revolves around one main character, Jakie Rabinowtiz, who is played by Al Jolson. He’s a young man conflicted with his love for hot jazz music, while also caught up with his family and traditions. Not a bad plot, but I don’t want to reveal anything else, you’ll have to watch it. However, today it has a mix reception, as Al’s character is seen in blackface often. 95 years ago today, movie History was made, and talk came out of the screen.

What was happening yesterday, on October 5th?


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