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This Day In History, September 30th, 2019 – I Dedicate Thee, The Hoover Dam

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It was just 84 years ago today, September 30, 1935, when the Hoover Dam, known then as the Boulder Dam, was officially dedicated. Started in 1931 under President Herbert Hoover, the Dam was meant to control the Colorado River and to provide not only electricity to the area, but also irrigation. Called Boulder by then President Franklin Roosevelt after the town of Boulder, Colorado, but also so as to not mention former President Hoover, the Dam was like nothing other. For several years’ men toiled over it, and it claimed the lives of 112 souls. It was on this day that President Roosevelt travelled to the area to dedicate the Dam along with Interior Secretary Harold Ickes. With the temperature at 102 degrees, Roosevelt, with thousands of onlookers and the assistance of radio, proclaimed the great feat to all. A three-cent stamp was also printed for the dedication. 84 years ago today, the Hoover Dam began its long run of serving the people of the desert.

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