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Tiger Woods, Tips on Skunks, Stockholm Syndrome, Autumn Colors | Top Prescott AZ Podcasts on Cast11

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Check out these top podcasts from the Prescott, Arizona region on Cast11:

Bradshaw Bear Football, Artisan Bread from Rafter Eleven, Fall Colors in Prescott, Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 12th, 2022

This week they cover the Bradshaw Badger football win, artisan bread tasting from Rafter Eleven, where to view fall colors in the Prescott area, how to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month deliciously with Vivili Hospitality Group, and more.

Tips on Skunks from Prescott Valley Animal Control

Skunks are a common sight here in Prescott Valley and these animals are mostly nocturnal by nature. Even though skunks are extremely cute and shy, having skunks around your home can present health and safety risks.

Stockholm Syndrome

On this week’s Power of the Mind presented by Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, Gregory Struve, Elicia Morigeau, and guest host Merilee Mills discuss Stockholm Syndrome; the original bank robbery case, and how we all experience minor instances of Stockholm Syndrome in our lives.

Six Places to See Autumn Colors Around Prescott Valley

Fall  has officially begun and in Prescott Valley and the surrounding areas Autumn colors have already begun to appear. With falling temperatures, trees will begin showing off their brilliant colors in that short magical period of time.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. Golf star. Hall of Famer. Comeback kid. Possible phone user?

As Ben and Mike wait on Tiger Woods to call they discuss their connections to the famous athlete, their favorite Prescott golf courses, their golf-centric meet cute, and more.

Top 10 Plants Javelina, Deer & Rabbits Leave Alone

Without a fence that keeps animals out your plants can be eaten alive down to the ground, but not after this week’s show.  We cover the top landscape plants animals find detestable.  You will be a landscape pro after this week’s show.

Barry Barbe talks Expansion to Prescott Valley, Connecting Through Cuisine with Brad Fain

Host Brad Fain sits down with Barry Barbe, owner of Prescott’s El Gato Azul and Torme, to discuss Barbe’s expansion into Prescott Valley with three new dining locations at the LEGADO apartment community scheduled to open sometime in 2024.

Prescott Update with Mayor Phil Goode – October 10th, 2022

Prescott Mayor Phil Goode discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Vivili Hospitality Group Restaurants To Support Local Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Vivili Hospitality Group has the great pleasure of announcing its participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October through their restaurants La Planchada, The Barley Hound, The County Seat and Rosa’s Pizzeria in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

Bradshaw Mountain Excels on Both Sides of the Ball In Win Over Thunderbird

In this episode of “Talkin’ Central Arizona Sports” with Torrence “TD” Dunham, TD recaps wins for the Prescott High School Badgers, Bradshaw Mountain Bears and Chino Valley Cougars football teams with interviews from Bradshaw Mountain head coach Bob Young and players Joel Dean and Gabriel Ricketts, as well as Badgers head coach Cody Collett.

Gary Denny and History of Prescott | Chasing Mythos

In this episode of Chasing Mythos, we sit down with lifelong Prescott resident, entrepreneur and restaurant owner Gary Denny of El Charro Norté. Gary’s got stories…..  From the 1500’s and Spanish aristocracy to the 1960’s and a Prescott boy playing in the dirt streets of his hometown, you’ll find a story in this podcast that takes you to a place just north of what once was Arizona’s territorial capital. Son of a 4th generation rancher, his family lived on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line in the 1860’s. His northern and southern relatives joined together to move west during the tail end of the westward expansion in order to avoid killing each other in the Civil War. Fast forward to American baseball and Uncle John Denny the Cy Young Winner, genealogy of grit, Sonoran cuisine, ranching, love, divorce, back-breaking work and passion for hospitality. Join us as we discover the life of Gary Denny, owner of Chino Valley’s El Charro Norté and lifetime resident of Prescott, Arizona.

Bonus Videos from Cast11

Low Back | Thriving After 50 with Tamilee Webb

Lisa’s Pretty Fall Flowers: Watters Podcast


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