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Villa Bellagio and Spring Creek Ranch Subdivision Community Held by Cornville Community Association

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Villa Bellagio and Spring Creek Ranch subdivision community meeting is being held by Cornville Community Association NOT by Yavapai County Development Services. Yavapai County Development Services would like to clarify that the community meeting scheduled for November 12th at 7:00 pm is being held by the Cornville Community Association NOT by Yavapai County Development Services. The meeting is scheduled to take place at Oak Creek Elementary School at 11490 E. Purple Sage Road, Cornville, AZ 86325. Applications for both subdivisions are in their preliminary phase, which require the applicant to reach out to community groups such as the Cornville Community Association, to measure citizen interest and garner involvement and input from the community. At this time, Yavapai County Development Services does not have either of these applications scheduled for public hearing. For any comments regarding these projects can be sent to Yavapai County Development Services at:

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2 responses to “Villa Bellagio and Spring Creek Ranch Subdivision Community Held by Cornville Community Association”

  1. Joseph "Jack" Graham says:

    It is inconceivable to understand how Yavapai County or the residents of Cornville would even consider the possibilites of allowing projects of the magnitude of Villa Bellagio or spring Creek Ranch to be considered in any form.

    The first and most primary problem would be that of WATER! Where would it come from? The second problem is the ecology of the area in which the building plans to take place would be utterly destroyed forever. Third, and of equal importance, is the lack of infrastructure in the adjacent communities of Cottonwood and Sedona that are in no way capable of retrofitting to meet the increase of population that would be a consequence of such a project. A final, but none the less important consideration is the threat to the wildlife of this area which would be further compromised. The developers as we’ve come to understand are not even Arizonans but developers from California and/or China. Let them take their “dreams” to their respective areas of residence and leave Arizona free from their commercialism.

    Please Do Not Let This Go Forward. Respectfully Joseph “Jack” Graham

    • Jim Costello says:

      Thank you Jack and I also agree. I moved to Cornville over a decade ago simply because I love rural living. Coming from a major city to place such as here was exactly what I was looking for. Quiet, safe, and pleasant people surround me! If my preference were to live in a large community I just stayed in a metropolitan area. We have no water, infrastructure, police, fire, etc. etc. We have no way of producing water! Leave the pristine area pristine. Scottsdale is a lovely area let’s move it there. Wildlife, people,and the ecology overall are going to be greatly impacted by this level of growth. Thank you for your concern. I’m looking forward to seeing you December 19.

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