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Weather Forecast for Prescott Valley, central Arizona Region through Weekend

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Here is your look ahead into this weekend’s weather for central and northern Arizona including Prescott, Cottonwood, Sedona and Flagstaff. Look for a warming trend through Friday with mostly clear skies and a cooling trend Saturday and Sunday. Southwest winds will pick up a bit Friday, shifting northwest Saturday and easterly Sunday.

Today, Wednesday January 5th, in the high terrain,  forecasted high temps will range between 40 to 50 degrees. In the low terrain, expect 50 to 65 degrees. Mostly clear skies and breezy conditions expected.

On Thursday, January 6th, in the high terrain, forecasted high temps will range from 45 to 55 degrees while in the low terrain expect 55 to 70 degrees. Clear skies are forecasted.

Friday, January 7th will most likely bring 50 to 6o degrees for the highs in the mountains while in the low terrain expect 60 to 70 degrees with mostly clear and breezy conditions.

Saturday, January 8th it starts to cool down with highs of 40 to 50 degrees in the high terrain areas and 50 to 65 degrees in the lower elevations. Expect partly cloudy and breezy conditions.

Then, on Sunday, January 9th, you can expect highs of 35 to 45 degrees as it begins to cool down in the higher elevations and 45 to 65 degrees in the lower elevations. Expect cool, easterly breezes and most clear conditions.

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