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When Can Trees be Moved in the Yard?: Watters Podcast

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In this episode, Ken and Lisa address the question ‘When can trees be moved in the yard?’ The best time to move trees in the yard is during their dormant season when they are not actively growing. This is typically in the winter or early spring (before leaves have emerged). Learn what else you should know about moving trees in your yard.

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Here are some additional tips for transplanting trees:

  • Choose a summy spot with well-drained soil.
  • Dig a hole that is at least twice as wide as the tree’s root ball.
  • Backfill the hole with soil mixed with Watters Premium Mulch.
  • Water the tree well after transplanting.
  • Mulch around the tree to help retain moisture and suppress weeds.

With proper care, a tree that is transplanted at the right time of year will have a good chance of survival and thrive in its new location.

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