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Where’s My Vehicle Title?

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So you’ve purchases a vehicle, completed the registration and title information, and received your tags in the mail. But when will the title arrive?

Actually, there’s no reason to worry because your vehicle’s title information has been there all along – safely in electronic form and accessible in your free AZ MVD Now account, which all current Arizona MVD customers have.

Earlier this year, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division began issuing all customers electronic vehicle titles, which are as valid as a paper title and more secure. This change is paired with a similar process where physical items like registration tabs and license plates are mailed to a customer’s home and aren’t provided at MVD or Authorized Third Party offices.

Customers who desire a paper title can go to, log in to their account, click “Title Replacement,” submit the $4 processing fee and a PDF of their Arizona Title Summary will instantly appear in their AZ MVD Now account. This allows them to download and print the title information at their convenience. MVD will also mail the paper title to the customer’s address.

More than two-thirds of MVD services, including title replacements, are available through AZ MVD Now. They include popular options such as registration renewal, ordering a duplicate license, getting a 3-day permit, updating insurance information, ordering a motor vehicle record, and more.

Activating an AZ MVD Now account takes just a few minutes. Every current MVD customer already has an account with their driver and vehicle information that’s waiting to be activated. Customers may go to and follow the prompts for how to activate their account. The process is free and is protected by several security protocols that are explained on the site and in an accompanying “how-to” video for those who wish to view it.

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