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Yavapai College Women’s Basketball and Prescott YMCA Donation

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Last week, the local community continued to be an asset in the reinstatement of women’s basketball at Prescott’s Yavapai College. This time, the Prescott YMCA ran a basketball camp fundraiser for the Roughriders women’s basketball team.

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Courtesy Yavapai College Athletics.

“This camp was special,” Head Coach Gerrard Carmichael said. “It speaks volumes when the community, like the YMCA, wants to support our women’s basketball program. It means a lot to our student-athletes and we truly appreciate it. We want to do more things like this to build bridges between Roughrider Athletics and the community.

“I also want to give a special thanks to John and Virginia Tobin for sharing their knowledge of the game of basketball with the kids and to Jaime DeJoseph for putting this together.”

All in all, the camp raised $1,000 that will go directly to the newly-reinstated women’s basketball program at YC.

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