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Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office VIP Rescues Dog Attached to Moving Vehicle

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) is fortunate to have men and women who Volunteer in Protection (VIP). The Patrol VIP is actually out in the field assisting deputies in various aspects of their patrol duties including transporting prisoners, assisting motorists, traffic control, crime scene security, vacation property checks, etc.

In the video above, one of our VIPS was leaving a parking lot after a quick drink break to assist a deputy, when he came across a tractor-trailer pulling out of a gas station parking lot with a dog attached to the trailer bumper.

He quickly activated his lights and siren to alert the driver who stopped and was notified about the dog in tow. A very grateful owner retrieved his pet and expressed deep appreciation for the VIP’s efforts.

Patrol VIPs act only as eyes and hears when they are in the field, but this exception to use lights and siren to save this dog from injury or death has been deemed warranted by YCSO Command Staff.

The driver was simply distracted and headed towards the interstate forgetting to unleash his dog. No charges are being sought.

Thanks to the work these dedicated volunteers do day in and day out and for the actions of this VIP to save this dog.


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