This Day In History, September 18th, 2020 – “Old Faithful”

It was just 150 years ago today, September 18, 1870 when members of the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition came across the first ever known official sighting of the Yellowstone Geyser known as “Old Faithful”.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #188: “The New Mutants”

Movie Review Podcast

Happy hump day everyone! Today Matt and Mike continue cheating death and visit the movie theater to catch the last Fox Marvel film The New Mutants. Additional topics include sports ball, Siskel & Ebert, and the future of the X-Men franchise.

This Day In History, September 17th, 2020 – “Okeechobee Hurricane”

It was just 92 years ago today, September 17, 1928, when the area around Lake Okeechobee in Florida, was devastated by a massive category 5 hurricane.

This Day In History, September 16th, 2020 – “The Wall Street Bombing”

It was just 100 years ago today, September 16, 1920, when a horse drawn cart carrying 100 pounds of dynamite mixed with over 500 pounds of cast-iron window sash weights (frames) exploded in the busy streets of New York’s financial district.

Prescott’s Downtown Incident Reminiscent of Founding Fathers and Redcoats

Opinions of our advertisers and readers do not reflect the policies of Talking Glass Media, nor are these opinions an endorsement by our publications. We encourage healthy debate and discussion without the use of divisive language and harmful rhetoric. If you have an opinion to submit, please go to: I read John Lutes essay on the court house incident brought […]

This Day In History, September 15th, 2020 – “Inchon”

It was just 70 years ago today, September 15, 1950, when General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, launched one of his boldest and audacious operations in his military career.

This Day In History, September 14th, 2020 – “It Is Balloon”

It was just 36 years ago today, September 14, 1984, when (Ret.) Colonel Joseph W. Kittinger II, USAF, set off to brake yet another aviation record in United States history by completing the first ever trans-Atlantic crossing in a hot air balloon.

The Chief’s Desk – September 11th

Here we are on the 19th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history. This is the week that we revive the phrase – “we will never forget.” There is a feel throughout the week. I don’t know if it is somber, strength, resolve, a revitalization of the American spirit, or all of the above, but there is something […]

This Day In History, September 11th, 2020 – “Hurricane Carla”

It was just 59 years ago today, September 11, 1961, when Hurricane Carla, a massive Category 4 monster, smashed into Port O’Connor, Texas, and left devastation throughout the U.S. East Coast. The 1961 was season was above average, and Carla was but the 3rd in a long line of natural disasters that fateful year.

This Day In History, September 10th, 2020 – “I Regret That I Have But One Life To Give For My Country”

It was just 244 years ago today, September 10, 1776, when a young teacher was asked by General George Washington to go on a dangerous mission, a mission, that if met with failure, would mean certain death. The young man, Nathan Hale, the mission, go behind the British lines into New York and gather as much intelligence as possible, so Nathan Hale became one of America’s first spies.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #187: “Tenet”

Movie Review Podcast

Thank the maker! Matt and Mike Talent return to the theaters this week after a 5 month absence risking their lives and relationships to see Christoper Nolan’s latest epic Tenet. Bonus topics included more movie giveaways, Twilight (yes, that one), and the Saw franchise.

This Day In History, September 9th, 2020 – “Attica”

It was just 49 years ago today, September 9, 1971, when prisoners at the Attica Correction Facility, in Attica, New York, rioted and took control of the prison, taking 42 hostages. Demanding better rights, 1,281 of the prisons 2,200 inmates stormed the prison, and grabbed the Nation’s attention for four days.

This Day In History, September 8th, 2020 – “Galveston”

It was just 120 years ago today, September 8, 1900, when the deadliest hurricane in American history, and the third deadliest Atlantic hurricane, struck right at the heart of a growing Texas, the City of Galveston. As a category 4 hurricane, this storm, dubbed The Great Storm of 1900, claimed the lives of an estimated 8,000 people, and damage from Galveston to Canada.

This Day In History, September 7th, 2020 – “Return To Wake”

It was just 75 years ago today, September 7, 1945, when American forces returned to Wake Island. Almost four years had passed since the Marines and Civilian workers made a stand against the Empire of Japan, giving the island the nickname “Alamo of the Pacific”. Life for the American prisoners was nothing but slavery, something the Empire of Japan employed to a great extent. Many of the islands defenders were executed over the war years in various locations.

The Chief’s Desk – September 4th

It’s Labor Day weekend – the end of summer. I think we can agree, this summer has been a total bust anyway so good riddance! That said, if you go out this weekend, please ensure you designate a driver, or use one of the car services in the area. Wear your seatbelts in whatever you are driving including UTV’s. Even […]

This Day In History, September 4th, 2020 – “Geronimo Surrenders”

It was just 134 years ago today, September 4, 1886, when Geronimo, leader of the Chiricahua Apache, enemy to the Mexicans and Americans, and other Apache tribes, surrendered at Fort Bowie on the Arizona, New Mexico border to General Nelson Miles. For decades, the Apache had been fighting the United States Army, only to escape across the border and fight the Mexicans.

This Day In History, September 3rd, 2020 – “The Wreck Of The U.S.S. Shenandoah”

It was just 95 years ago today, September 2, 1925, when our Nations first ever airship, the U.S.S. Shenandoah, was destroyed by a massive wind, killing fourteen crew members, including Commander Zachary Lansdowne, thankfully, 29 other crew members survived, many amazingly making it back to earth whilst riding the wreckage, it’s amazing what you can do when your survival depends on it.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #186: “Bill & Ted Face The Music”

Movie Review Podcast

Happy week, happy pod! Today your host’s Mike Talent and Matt review a brand spanking new movie that they are shocked got made, Bill & Ted Face the Music. Hold onto your butts listeners this is a long pod! Extra topics include a farewell and thank you to Chadwick Boseman, box office numbers, and booze filled seltzers. Have you been […]

This Day In History, September 2nd, 2020 – “Surrender on the Missouri”

It was just 75 years ago today, September 2, 1945, when world attention was in Tokyo Bay, as representatives from the former Empire of Japan signed the surrender document which would end History’s most devastating conflict, World War II. On board the U.S.S. Missouri, an Iowa class battleship, the largest the U.S. has built, representatives of all the waring Allied Nations participated in this solemn event.

This Day In History, September 1st, 2020 – “The Yankees Are Coming”

It was just 156 years ago today, September 1, 1864, when General John Bell Hood, commander of the Confederate Army of the Tennessee, ordered his men to abandon the city of Atlanta, Georgia, to the onslaught of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s men.

This Day In History, August 31st, 2020 – “1886 Charleston Earthquake”

It was just 134 years ago today, August 31, 1886, when a rare occurrence struck the East Coast of the United States, an Earthquake, with the epicenter at Charleston, South Carolina. Not only was this unusual, but the earthquake was devastatingly powerful, having a Moment Magnitude of 7.3, that’s roughly the same strength as the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that destroyed the city.

The Assistant Chief’s Desk – August 28th

What is the culture at the Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority? This year has proven to be challenging on many different levels, and I believe it is important to review where our strength comes from. How do we thrive while facing the challenges we are called to respond to? defines an organization’s culture as the “…expectations, experiences, philosophies, and values that hold it together…” […]

This Day In History, August 28th, 2020 – “Tom Thumb vs. A Horse”

It was just 190 years ago today, August 28, 1830, when the power of an early steam locomotive was put to the test against horse power.

This Day In History, August 27th, 2020 – “Sea Islands Hurricane Of 1893”

It was just 127 years ago today, August 27, 1893, when a massive hurricane, scaled as a category 3, slammed into the coast of Savannah Georgia, and brought death and destruction with it.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #185: “Tributary – Project Power”

Movie Review Podcast

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today Mike and Matt sit down to chat about one of Netflix’s latest Original Films Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Non superhero related topics include Fortnite, movie theaters opening back up, and win a Blu-ray copy of The King of Staten Island.

This Day In History, August 26th, 2020 – “Women Get The Vote”

It was just 100 years ago today, August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was finally certified and placed into law.

This Day In History, August 25th, 2020 – “God’s Providence?”

It was just 196 years ago today, August 25, 1814, when according to some, the hand of God swept through the charred remains of our Nation’s Capital, and sent the bloody British scurrying out, their cannons following them in the wind.

This Day In History, August 24th, 2020 – “The Treaty of St. Louis”

It was just 194 years ago today, August 24, 1816, when the United States of America signed a peace treaty with the combined tribes of the Council of Three Fires, the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa.

Central Arizona Fire

The Chief’s Desk – August 21st

Monday, August 24th marks a couple of milestones for me. The first, and most important, is my 29th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we walked down the aisle, yet here we are 29 years later with both kids out of the house, and we live in a completely different state. Did I mention both kids are out of […]

This Day In History, August 21st, 2020 – “Great Fire of 1910”

It was just 110 years ago today, August 21, 1910, when a massive conflagration erupted in the Pacific Northwest. Due to a mild Winter and Spring, the hot summer of 1910 saw several small forest fires throughout the area of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia.

This Day In History, August 20th, 2020 – “The Atlantic”

It was just 168 years ago today, August 20, 1852, when the sidewheel steamship Atlantic crashed into the propellered steamship Ogdensburg on Lake Erie. The Atlantic was a ferry boat carrying passengers from Buffalo, New York, to Detroit, Michigan. She was overloaded, in fact, today there is still not an accurate account of how many people perished in the waters. The Ogdensburg was travelling the other direction, carrying wheat from Ohio to New York.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #184: “Legacy – Public Enemies”

Movie Review Podcast

Welcome movie lovers! Today we dip into our fan requests and review the 2009 depression era gangster film starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, Public Enemies. Not gangster topics include YouTube, $0.15 movies at AMC, and we have a Blu-ray giveaway to enter!

This Day In History, August 19th, 2020 – “Old Ironsides”

It was just 208 years ago today, August 19, 1812, when the U.S.S. Constitution earned her nickname “Old Ironsides” after whooping up on the British frigate Guerriere off the coast of Canada. Taking the war to the British, under the leadership of Captain Isaac Hull, the Constitution wreaked havoc on British shipping. Prior to the battle, she had just sunk three British merchantmen near the St. Lawrence River.

This Day In History, August 18th, 2020 – “Wilkes Expedition”

It was just 182 years ago today, August 18, 1838, when an American expedition to survey the Pacific Ocean weighed anchor in Hampton Roads, Virginia. In what would become one of the first significant oceanographic and scientific research expeditions in our young Nation’s life, the Wilkes Expedition, named after its commander, Lt. Charles Wilkes of the United States Navy, plotted, mapped, explored, fought with the natives, and gathered thousands of bugs and beasts to add to America’s natural knowledge of our world.

This Day In History, August 17th, 2020 – “Messina”

It was just 77 years ago today, August 17, when the glorious British 8th Army triumphantly marched into Messina, Sicily. After having fought against stubborn resistance from both German and Italian forces, Field Marshall Bernhard Montgomery was greeted proudly by throngs of cheering civilians, though nothing could have warmed the hearts of the British more than the welcome they also received from General George S. Patton and the American 7th Army.


The Chief’s Desk – August 14th

Imagine for a moment that you are a Captain in the United States Navy with a storied career as a Naval Aviator, leader, and developer. I’m not sure how the Navy operates today, but in the 1980s, it was Naval Aviators that ascended the ranks to command carriers. You are the Skipper of the U.S.S. Ranger, a supercarrier that requires […]

This Day In History, August 14th, 2020 – “V-J Day”

It was just 75 years ago today, August 14, 1945, when President Harry Truman announced by radio to the Nation that the once mighty Empire of Japan had agreed to surrender. Victory over Japan or V.J. Day has actually several different dates according to whom you are talking to. Japan made the announcement on August 15th, but due to the different time zones, it was the 14th in the United States. Unlike V.E. Day, when the Germans surrendered, the Japanese did not surrender formally until September 2, 1945 on the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

This Day In History, August 13th, 2020 – “Development Of Substitute Materials”

It was just 78 years ago today, August 13, 1942, when the Chief of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Major General Eugene Reybold, established the Development of Substitute Materials program, also known as the Manhattan Project. With Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson and United States Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall at the helm, this secretive project spurred man forward into the Atomic Age.

Groome Transportation Resuming Shuttle Service Between Prescott & Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Groome introduces enhanced policies and procedures to ensure a safe travel experience.

Groome Transportation is very pleased to announce the reopening of its Prescott location on August 12, 2020.  The company is resuming a frequent schedule of round-trip service between Prescott and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) following a steady increase in air travel. Similar to new policies and procedures implemented by major airlines, Groome has made changes for the safety and […]

REEL Film Nerds Episode #183: “Tributary – An American Pickle”

Movie Review Podcast

Another week and another podcast for your listening pleasure. Today Mike and Matt dip into yet another streaming service to watch the first HBO Max Original film An American Pickle starring Seth Rogen and Seth Rogen. Extra topics include PSL, portrait mode, and do we really need more streaming services?

This Day In History, August 12th, 2020 – “Sue”

It was just 30 years ago today, August 12, 1990, when one of the most well preserved and recovered fossils of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was discovered in the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota. It’s amazing when one looks back at history to all the million to-one shots, and this discovery was no different, and all because of a flat tire.

This Day In History, August 11th, 2020 – “Babe Ruth Makes It Into The Record Books”

It was just 91 years ago today, August 11, 1929, when George Herman Ruth, known as Babe Ruth, entered the history books as the first ever baseball player to hit their 500th homerun. Others have since done it, but as Fredric March once said, it’s easy when someone shows you how, and on this date, Babe stepped up to the plate and into history.

This Day In History, August 10th, 2020 – “Last Island Hurricane”

It was just 164 years ago today, August 10, 1856 when the Last Island Hurricane struck off the coast of Louisiana, causing widespread damage and death. Also known as the Great Storm of 1856, this hurricane has no official name, as it was not until 1953 that hurricanes were so identified.

The Chief’s Desk – August 7th

Human Factors is about people in the working and living environment. It’s the relationship between human and machine, human and situation, as well as between different people. I borrowed these first two lines from an FAA video presentation regarding Crew Resource Management (CRM). The human factor in any situation can be unpredictable. Self-driving cars are supposed to alleviate some of the human factor, but they […]

This Day In History, August 7th, 2020 – “Eden Train Wreck”

It was just 116 years ago today, August 7, 1904, when disaster struck the No. 11 Missouri Pacific Flyer as it was crossing the Dry Creek Bridge near Eden Station, close to Pueblo, Colorado. People from the deserts of the American Southwest are familiar with flashfloods, yet, every year, deaths are reported near washes that usually are dry, like the one under Arroyo Bridge, but thanks to thunderstorms they become raging rivers.

This Day In History, August 6th, 2020 – “Little Boy, Fat Man And The Red Army Too”

It was just 75 years ago today, August 6 and later the 9, 1945, that two Atomic Bombs, and a Soviet invasion of Japanese occupied Manchuria, spelled doom, even for the fanatics, to the Empire of Japan. On August 6, three B-29’s took off from the Island of Tinian in the Marianna’s, carrying a new bomb that could destroy an entire city.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #182: “Tributary – Extinction”

Movie Review Podcast

Happy Wednesday everyone! Mysterious Mike Talent finally picked a film for review this week. Another Netflix Original and this one is a couple of years old. The SciFi thriller Extinction starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan. Other topics include Four Peaks releases their Pumpkin Porter early, SpaceX splashdown, and what order to watch the Star Wars films.

This Day In History, August 5th, 2020 – “And They’re Off”

It was just 400 years ago today, August 5, 1620, that a small group of people seeking new lands and a fresh start, sailed from Southampton, England on two seaworthy ships for the New World. Wait, two ships, I thought it was just the Mayflower? Actually, you are correct, it was the Mayflower that made it from England to the […]

This Day In History, August 4th, 2020 – “Revenue Cutter Service”

It was just 230 years ago today, August 4, 1790, when the United States Congress allocated funding for ten small cutters to be used by the newly formed Revenue Cutter Service. Never heard of such an organization, the U.S. Coast Guard does sound better. That’s right folks, Happy Birthday to the United States Coast Guard.

REEL Film Nerds Episode #181: “Tributary – The Old Guard”

Movie Review Podcast

Welcome faithful listeners! This week Mike and Matt reviewed a Netflix Original that is destroying the charts, The Old Guard. Not too far off topics include Aeon Flux, favorite Pixar Films, and are movie theaters ever coming back.

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