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Easy to Care For Beautiful Yards

Snippet: ​How do you start a low maintenance landscape? Easy to care for landscaping ideas for small yards. What are the best low maintenance shrubs? Low-maintenance landscaping with plants and rocks. What do you put in landscapes? Low maintenance landscaping bushes. What are the easiest outdoor plants? Low maintenance garden ideas on a budget. The ​Lain casa ​​is a respite […]

Garden Trends are Changing Big City Living

Snippet: Is dirt bad for you? Why gardening feels so good. The health benefits of gardening. How many calories are burned when gardening? 2020 garden trends are changing Big City living. #PlantParenthood We have covered some interesting trends over the past years as more people are attracted to plants and gardening. Hashtags like #PlantParenthood are common. Fast-forward to 2020, and […]

2020 Best Roses of the Year

Snippet:  Roses that grow best. Are roses easy to grow? When to buy a rose bush.  What is the prettiest rose? World’s prettiest flower this year. Do floribunda roses bloom all summer? How to keep a rose bush blooming. Roses with the most fragrance.   The mountains of Arizona are famous for easy-care roses.  Because of the dry air and alkaline […]

6 Reasons to Become a Backyard Farmer

Snippet: Advantages of Growing Backyard Produce. Grow your own food, improve your health. Growing a Vegetable Garden Might Be Just What You Need. COVID-19 Coronavirus Outdoor Activity Of The Day: Vegetable Gardening. Benefits of home gardening. Grow your own food movement. When Lisa and I were just married and struggling to keep fresh food on our table, a saint of […]

17 Smelly Flowers All Moms Love

Scented flowers bring another dimension of enjoyment to the garden. Some flowers are lightly scented and need to be close to appreciate. Other plants engulf the entire yard in their perfume—think of Spring’s lilacs or its hillsides full of lilies-of-the-valley. Plant them where you’ll be able to enjoy their fragrances most frequently:  alongside paths, patios, near windows that can be […]

50 Blooming Hydrangeas Give Away to Frontline Moms

Moms are recognized as frontline responders in the community. Watters Garden Center is giving away 50 Pink Splendor Hydrangeas to share with mothers who put their lives on the line every day. Nominate a Mom for a Free Hydrangea An exclusive Hydrangea new for 2020, she will be the first in her neighborhood with this stunning beauty. Watters has grown […]

Health Benefits & How-to’s of Growing Tomatoes

Snippet: What happens if you eat a lot of tomatoes? 7 Health Benefits of Tomatoes. Are tomatoes good for your skin? Health benefits of tomatoes for men. Are tomatoes bad for diabetics? What is the best time to plant tomatoes? How do tomatoes grow for beginners? How often should tomatoes be watered? Commercially grown tomatoes are transported while green. Companies […]

Perennial Flowers that Show Off for Years

Snippet: Flowers that are animal, deer, rabbit, javelina proof. What is the longest blooming perennial? Shrubs and Perennials that bloom all summer long. How do you keep daisies blooming? Flowers that bloom in full sun. Perennial flowers that bloom all season from Spring to Fall. Drought tolerant perennials that bloom all summer. Beautiful spring days draw gardeners into their backyards […]

Garden Alert – Thrips Damage Tender Spring Plants

Thrips can cause many types of damage and transmit viruses.

Tiny but mighty, these pests bedevil local gardener. More than 6,000 species of thrips roam the planet, yet only five are of real concern to local gardeners, attacking an array of backyard plants from fruits and vegetables, to ornamentals. Plant damage is a result of thrips feeding on developing plant parts, causing deformed or scarred leaves and flowers. They transmit […]

12 “Tiny” Trees for Small Yards

Snippet: What is a good tree for a small backyard? Small trees for flower beds. Small trees for landscaping. Dwarf trees for landscaping. Fastest-growing small trees. Trees with small root systems. Very small trees for small gardens. Not everyone has room for a mighty oak or a giant cottonwood in the backyard, but fortunately, there are trees for just about […]

Three Tips for More Flowers in the Garden

Snippet: Why are my flowers not blooming? What kind of fertilizer makes flowers bloom? What triggers flowering in plants? Watters Flower Power plant food. How can I make my flowers bloom more? These Amazing Tips Will Keep Your Plants Blooming. There are lots of annuals grown for their foliage, like coleuses and caladiums, but blooming plants remain the most popular […]

10 Favorite Vegetables Easily Grown in Pots

Snippet: Nurseries witness Victory Garden 2.0. 10 veggies are proof you don’t need a giant yard for a bountiful garden. Vegetables best grown in containers. How to grow edible plants on any deck or patio. Vegetables kids love to grow. The economy ripples through communities in strange ways, and one exciting current trend is in the world of gardening. It […]

Run on Garden Center has Official Name – Victory Garden 2.0

The spring planting season has an unusual twist, a consumer-run on garden supplies, seed, plants, and fruit trees are selling out. The garden center industry has even named the phenomenon – Victory Garden 2.0. The demand is surprisingly healthy for anything edible in the backyard. Greenhouse space is shifting from flowers over to consumable plant sales. “In past flowers outsold […]

10 Garden Projects that Keep Kids Busy

Snippet: Plants Calm, Heal and Inspire over Spring Break.  10 Spring Break ideas and activities for kids. Activities to keep kids busy over a backyard staycation.  Fun garden projects grandparents can do with kids.  Spring break activities for tweens.  Inexpensive things to do over spring break. With so many students home from school and families seeking interesting things to do […]

April Gardening Classes at Watters Garden Center

April is arriving quickly and with it, so many flowers and opportunities for your garden! Watters Garden Center is excited to announce their Free April Gardening Classes every Friday at 3:00 pm in the fresh air at Watters Garden Center, 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott. These classes are also live-streamed at April 3 @ 3pm: New Flower Introductions for […]

Top Fragrant Shrubs for Mountain Gardens

Snippet: 8 fragrant shrubs for the yard. What are the most fragrant shrubs? Sun conditions for best scents. What are the most fragrant lilacs? What are the strongest smelling plants? Sweetly-Scented Shrubs. Shrubs have many uses in a landscape, but gardeners who especially appreciate sweet-smelling plants are drawn to the most fragrant shrubs. Whether cold-hardy or tropical, bushes in this […]

Garden Response to COVID-19 from Watters Garden Center

For many of you, a trip to Watters Garden Center is a welcome escape from everyday life. Spring feels like it is approaching faster than ever. In my yard, daffodils are blooming, Lenton Rose flowers are unfurling, and my Oklahoma Redbud trees look ready to explode into spring bloom. Mother Nature is reaching her hand to pull us outside. This […]

Growing Mountain Peonies that Bloom

Snippet: Why is my peony not flowering? How to keep peonies blooming. Where do peonies grow best? How to Keep Cut Peonies Fresh. What to do with peonies after flowering? What is the best fertilizer for peonies? Do peonies need ants to bloom? What month do peonies bloom? Perennial peonies are found growing naturally in the gardens of Europe, China, […]

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