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What Houseplants are Saying when Leaves Curl

Here’s what we will cover in this article in preparing your garden soil: Best Houseplant Food Ever. How to treat sick houseplants. What does leaf curl mean? What sick plants are saying. Why are your plant’s leaves curling up and dying? Reporters from three different states called last week asking how Watters Garden Center has does so much for the […]

Watters Garden Center Recognized as Best Garden Center

Yavapai county was filled with open rangeland and cattle in 1962, and only 12,000 residents in Prescott. 59 years later, Watters Garden Center is still recognized as the ‘Best in Class’ place to find plants. The Readers Choice Awards survey thousands of local gardeners throughout Yavapai county and asks their opinion of who their favorite garden center is. Their answer […]

Garden Soils Best Prepared in January

Here’s what we will cover in this article in preparing your garden soil: Rules for Preparing Your Soil. How to improve the soil in a garden plot. Soil recipe to the best vegetable garden soil. How long to let the soil settle before planting. Soil: N-P-K, Soil pH, Soil Amendments Gardeners know the better the soil, the larger the harvest, […]

9 Plants that Love the Bedroom as Much as You

Here’s what we will cover in this article to learn plants that love the indoors: Which plants purify air for better sleep? Which plants grow best in low light? Houseplants that produce bedroom Feng Shui. Bedrooms are meant to be a haven to recharge your battery, and greenery goes a long way in achieving a sense of serenity. Whether your […]

What happens when Plants are Dormant

Here’s what we will cover in this article to learn what happens when plants are dormant: How to tell if a plant is dormant or dead. How do you revive a dormant plant? What are the types of dormancy in plants? Do dormant plants need light? Do you water plants when they are dormant? And, Why do plants go dormant? […]

Top 10 Houseplants for a Healthier New Year

Today’s ultra-efficient homes seal outside air from penetrating their interiors, thus recirculating inside air without added freshness. A three-month-old air filter cleans only so many particles before choking on its own dust. We won’t mention formaldehyde-ridden foreign products brought into the home for the holidays. Initially, toxins weren’t an environmental problem because fresh air was ever-present. Now that we’ve made […]

January 2021 Free Garden Classes taught at Watters Garden Center

Free Garden Class offered every Saturday @ 9:30 am in the fresh air at Watters Garden Center, 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott. Also live-streamed at January 16 @ 9:30 am: Happy, Healthy Houseplants with Professional Style We believe plants make people happier, and not just outside, but inside, too! Houseplants brighten our lives, clean the air we breathe, […]

Winter Landscapes that Attract More Birds

Snippet: How to Get Birds to Use a New Bird Feeder. How do you attract birds quickly? Four Can’t-Miss Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard or Deck. Why are birds not coming to my feeder? How to attract birds without a feeder. Much of my garden is dedicated to attracting birds into our landscape. I firmly believe that a […]

Discovering More Joy in 2021 Through Plants and Pets

We all know 2020 has been a wild ride physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being outdoors in the garden, on a trail, or simply watching a sunset on the back patio has been a stress releaser for many. I’ve helped so many new to gardening this year find a little joy in plants and gardening amid such stressful times. Dr. Charlie Hall, Ellison Chair of International Floriculture at Texas A & M, has documented the benefits to people of plants, gardens, and improved landscapes for years. Looking ahead, it is pretty clear that many of the stresses we felt in 2020 will still be with us through spring 2021.

Planting Your Christmas Tree in the Gardens

Snippet: Buying a Potted Christmas Tree to Plant. Using living trees for Christmas. Replanting A Christmas Tree. Planting a Christmas tree in the garden. Grow a living Christmas tree kit. Christmas tree plant care. An evergreen tree with a starring role in the mountains of Arizona is gaining nationwide popularity. The ‘Single Blue Pinyon Pine‘ is a local variety that […]

How Pine Needles Help the Garden

Snippet: 6 reasons to use pine needle mulch. Tilling pine needles into the garden. Using pine needles as mulch in the vegetable garden. What plants do not like pine needles? Pine straw mulch pros and cons. If you live in a neighborhood where ponderosa pines grow freely, you know about too many pine needles. Pine trees drop lots of needles, […]

USDA Garden Hardiness Map See Temperate Rise

Snippet: What garden zone is Prescott in? How do plant hardiness zones work? Arizona State hardiness zone map. What does the plant hardiness zone mean? Plants identified by zones. How to find the toughest plants for the garden. What states are in Hardiness Zone 7?

10 Beautifully Hideous Succulents

Snippet: Which succulents are best for indoors? Types of indoor succulents. Are Succulents good for indoor? How to care for succulents. How do you keep succulents alive indoors? Do succulents need direct sunlight? Succulents for sale.

11 Tips to a Stunning Backyard You Love

Snippet: Transform your yard into a vacation oasis. 11 ideas for a better backyard. How do I design and landscape my backyard? What are the 11 principles of landscape design? How do you landscape a large backyard? Easy steps to a relaxing landscape. Your yard is meant to be a place of refuge, entertainment with the best of friends and […]

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