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Rabbit Proof Plants for Mountain Gardens

Snippet:  How do you keep rabbits from eating your plants?  Do rabbits eat geraniums? What plants repel rabbits and deer? Not all baby bunnies are cute, especially when they eat a new Euonymus to the ground or wipe out those pretty pansies and tulips! Jackrabbits are born with a full coat of hair and opened eyes, and only spend one […]

5 Mountain Herbs You Only Plant Once

Snippet: Best herbs to grow in pots. Herbs to grow indoors. How to grow herbs outdoors. Easiest herbs to grow from seed. List of herbs with pictures As we begin the ‘Fall Garden Season,’ organic herbs and Autumn vegetables overflow the garden center. This week’s column features the best herbs for your garden and the distinguishing characteristics of each. Deer, […]

Plants that Screen for Privacy and a Sense of Seclusion

Now through Thanksgiving is the best time to plant privacy screens for the maximum growth necessary to have seclusion next year. Without strategically placed evergreens in the yard, it can feel like prying eyes are looking right into your home. Not only does your privacy seemingly disappear, but that neighbor’s debris pile comes into clear view!

Feng Shui Design for Healing Energy from the Garden

Snippet: What are the 7 principles of landscape design? Feng shui landscape architecture. How do I design my landscape? Front Yard Landscapes Feng shui garden colors and what they mean. Feng shui rock placement, plants, and garden decor. Visitors to your BBQ party feel the inviting warmth but can’t put their finger on the event’s pulse. It a feeling […]

10 Ways to an Easy Garden

Snippet: How to make your garden look nice on a budget. Easy gardening ideas. Cheap DIY garden ideas. Gardening for beginners. How to transform a garden on a budget. Easy garden plants. On the Go Answer – Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article Feed your soil instead of the plants with 7-4-4 All Purpose Food Use low maintenance perennials […]

11 Summer Flowers that Outpace the Rest

 Snippet: Heat-Tolerant Plants that Love the Sun. What are good summer flowers? Heat tolerant perennials. What flower will bloom all summer? Heat and drought tolerant flowers. What flowers grow best in the full hot sun? Tropical plants for full sun and heat. Full-sun flowers for pots that grow in hot weather. The brightest flowers of the summer planting season wait […]

Fun Plants to Grow with Kids

Snippet: How do you garden with kids?  What can you plant in a garden for kids? Fun plants to grow from seed. What are the easiest plants to grow? Kid-friendly outdoor plants. Easy plants for kids to grow. What is a fun plant to grow? Safe plants for children’s gardens. It’s my grandmother’s fault! Tomatoes warmed by the afternoon sun […]

Plants with Really Big Blooms in August

Snippet: Giant flowers that impress. Easy to grow, really BIG flowers. The best big mountain bloomers. What type of flowers bloom in August? What flowers stay in bloom all summer? What bushes can I plant in August? Flowers to grow for August weddings. Perennials that bloom in August. Flowers in season in August. How big can a single flower blossom […]

When is Fruit Ready to Pick?

When Should You Pick Fruit From a Tree? Fruit tree harvest chart. When should you pick apples? Does picking fruit encourage new growth? When to harvest pears. Do apples continue to ripen after being picked? What fruits will ripen after being picked? Why are fruits picked under-ripe?

The Persistent 8 Plants Too Tough to Kill

Snippet:  The hardiest perennial plants for the Prescott area.  Plants for arid and wet garden areas. Most popular low maintenance perennials. Gardening may be one of America’s favorite hobbies, but it does have a downside:  Imagine investing dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars redecorating your bedroom, only to have it crumble to ashes in less than a year!  That […]

9 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes, Flies & Spiders

Snippet:  What plants keep mosquitoes and bugs away? Plants that repel aphids. Citronella plant. What plants repel bugs ants roaches? Perennial plants that repel mosquitoes. What indoor plants keep bugs away? Shade plants that repel mosquitoes. On the Go Answer – Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article Use Plants around patios, decks, and doors to repel insects. Moist foliage […]

9 Annual Flowers to Thrive in Hot Sunlight

Snippet: What plants thrive in hot sun? What flowers do well in the heat? Container pot plants for full sun and heat. What plants do well in the hot afternoon sun? Annual flowers list with pictures. Full sun annuals that bloom all summer. Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article Annual flowers never have a chance to develop an extensive […]

Mountain Lavenders Explained and Simplified

Snippet: How big does Lavender get? How to prune Lavender. Is Lavender easy to grow? Does lavender spread, English lavender. How quickly does Lavender grow? How to grow Lavender indoors. Where does Lavender grow best? Lavender growing zones. On the Go Answer – Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article 17 types of Lavender grow locally: English, French, Spanish, sweet, […]

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