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Community: An Essential Ingredient to a Healthy Life

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A sense of community is an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, no matter your age. Ties to a community can help regulate mood and enhance general well-being by providing a social outlet that can help you tap into new opportunities. Because communities are comprised of individuals with different life experiences, they can also help you broaden your perspective and think about new ways of being in the world.

How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Get Older

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You see how people slow down as they get older. They walk cautiously. They struggle to get up from a chair. They look at a flight of stairs with trepidation. The problem? In many cases, they’ve lost muscle mass. So, they simply aren’t as strong as they used to be.

How to Become a Senior Caregiver

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Senior caregivers are in high demand. It’s a tough job, but it can pay well and is a rewarding career! You don’t need to be a medical practitioner or have years of experience to become a senior caregiver – you just need some basic training and education on how to care for seniors.

Seasonal Eating is Healthy Eating

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Eating well often means eating that which is in season, and the start of summer is a great time to get familiar with what fruits and vegetables are harvested when so that you can make wise and flavorful decisions during mealtimes.

Poetry for the Soul

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Summer brings beautiful blooms and much natural beauty. When we’re immersed in it, though, it can sometimes be hard to stop and reflect on the significance of that beauty. Get yourself primed to appreciate the natural world with an interpretation of William Wordsworth’s poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.”

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Respite Care: Providing a Break for Family Caregivers

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These visits make it possible for family caregivers to take time away from unpaid caregiving duties—without compromising the quality of care received by their loved ones.

Arizona: A State of Riches

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Arizona is a rich state, not only in terms of culture and community: the land itself is full of resources. Arizona’s long and varied history is tied intimately to its land. The word Arizona derives from the Aztec word “arizuma,” which means “silver-bearing.”¹ Arizona is also known as the “Copper State,” another reference to its abundant landscape, which can look deceivingly dry or sparse in certain locations.

Slowing Down? 5 Steps for Fitting in Exercise as You Get Older

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As you get older, it can be easy to find excuses to let yourself slow down. Maybe your joints ache. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep. But it’s important to get some activity in your life—exercise is vitally important for seniors.

The Importance of Keeping Your Elderly Parent Hydrated

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Imagine stopping by to visit your elderly mom at her home. She complains of a headache and tiredness, and sometimes, she says, she has muscle cramps.

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