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Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit

2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit Announced

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The second annual outdoor summit capitalizes on last year’s big wins

The 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit just announced! Check out this year’s summit.

Visitors Asked to Help Prevent Damage to Roads and Trails after Wet Weather

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The Prescott National Forest (Prescott NF) asks our visitors to help prevent damage to roads and trails. Recent snow events are advantageous for vegetation health, fuel moisture, and wildlife habitat. It is also allowing the much-needed recharge of soil moisture. However, these super-saturated soils are extremely sensitive at this time and vulnerable to irreversible damage associated with rutting and puddling. […]

2021 ford bronco premiere

Ford Bronco 2021 World Premiere

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You’ve ogled the classic Ford Bronco, waiting for the next, new 4X4 to hit the trails. Well, your wait is over and 4X4 competitors may be sweating profusely because it looks like a solid horse has bolted out barn, burned off the doors and is outside for all to see – if you can catch it. Check out the Ford […]

An Outdoor Great: Jesse Wasil of Summit 4×4

It would be an understatement to say that Jesse Wasil of Summit 4×4 Company loves what he does. As owner-operator of a company that breathes and eats off-road, his passion is to help others make their off-road adventure dreams come true! Jesse also ensures Summit 4×4 Company is also a large part of the community. His company is a major […]

summit jeep 4x4 prescott

Summit 4X4 of Prescott is Equipping, Training and Guiding The Off-Road Enthusiast

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So you just bought a new or used four wheeled brick that specializes in going just about anywhere off-road, but there are a few things you want to know more about it both mechanically and from a utility standpoint. How do I winch a heavy load safely? What’s the trick to using my high lift jack? Or, you simply want […]