Reminder of RV/Oversized Vehicle Ordinance

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Kingman – The City of Kingman would like to remind residents of the RV/oversized vehicle ordinance that has been in effect for a little over two years. The city has received numerous phone calls of violations of the ordinance; therefore, Kingman Police Department will be educating residents regarding where those types of vehicles/trailers need to be parked. Residents may also […]

Flagstaff’s Short Term Rental Ordinance

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In Dec. 2020, the Flagstaff City Council approved a Short Term Rental (STR) ordinance, outlining several new regulations for these property types. This ordinance requires all STRs in the community to register so the city can better monitor and track complaints as well as streamline enforcement efforts. The full ordinance can be found at https://www.codepublishing.com/AZ/Flagstaff/ in the City Code (Chapter […]

Chino Valley Passes Distracted Driving Ordinance

$125.00 fine, $250.00 if a person is found to be in violation of the section and involved in a motor vehicle accident

The Chino Valley Town Council unanimously adopted Ordinance 18- 859, amending the current Town traffic code (chapter 71) by adding a new section, 71.14, to cover the use of portable communication and electronic devices. The decision, made at the November 13, 2018 Council Meeting, followed an October 23, 2018 presentation by Chief Chuck Wynn of the Chino Valley Police Dept. […]