Selina Bliss

Daylight Donuts, Republican Party Donates to Salvation Army

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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in national and state policies to shelter at home, policies which may be creating more financial, physical and metal hardship than the virus itself. Fortunately, Yavapai County is blessed with a Salvation Army organization that has risen to the task. The Corps normally provides five to ten food boxes to needy residents per week. Since […]

Selina Bliss Announces Candidacy for Arizona State House of Representatives for LD-1

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Motivated by a deep love and care for Arizona, Selina Bliss certainly has the home-court advantage over the other candidates in this race as she has grown up, raised her family, and lived in Legislative District 1 since 1971. In addition to love of our community, she has a deep respect for our rich history and is dedicated to protecting […]